South Florida Tech Companies Future Growth

The Buzz.

From University of Miami’s Launch Pad entrepreneurship center to eMerge Americas conference slated for early May 2014 in swanky South Beach, it’s no surprise that South Florida is cultivating the next ‘tech hub’ thanks to visionaries like Manny Medina and Daniel Cane. Some experts are saying that the seeds that are currently being planted will take 5 to 10 years to grow into a full-fledged ‘tech hub’– which translates into billions of dollars being invested, and thousands of jobs created on South Florida’s sandy shores. This type of expansion requires a resource mix of accelerators, serial entrepreneurs, healthy angel networks, talented technologists and knowledgeable professional advisors. One such advisor, David LeVine, hopes to transform South Florida in half that time.

Building a Healthy Ecosystem in the Dark.

The largest component to building a healthy ecosystem isvisibility, according to David LeVine, a Silicon Valley investor and mentor who is helping create a Miami tech hub. LeVine says “We need a few rockstar startups that will make South Florida highly visible to both the investor community, and to the talented coders who are leaving South Florida after graduation, because they are getting recruited elsewhere.” Therefore, events like the upcoming eMerge Americas conference are key to highlighting what South Florida has to offer, because without the visibility there is no support and no money. When asked about his decision to relocate to Miami, the successful Silicon Valley veteran who was named a Top 100 Technology Visionary in 2002, simply states “Here’s where opportunity is.”

Growing Pains.

With the buzz building, and collaboration efforts beginning to transform innovative ideas into marketable South Florida tech businesses, another recurring theme is the need for improved community infrastructure to help tech companies through the inevitable growing pains. Reuters noted that, “Startups often thrive on a lack of rules and boundaries. But experts say that as they make the transition from a handful of people in a room to sizeable businesses, the hazards of operating without manual – grow exponentially.” One of the keys to overcoming these growing pains is to create clear processes and procedures that will alleviate the strain on existing resources as these companies grow. Advaion’s managing director, Pavan Satyaketu mentions, “As these companies experience double and triple digit growth, they face enormous operational challenges that require changes in their technology infrastructure, business operations and accounting policies that better reflect their growing business and financial needs. We work with fast-growing technology companies to identify areas where they can feel an immediate impact on their bottom line.”

What’s Next?

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Here’s where opportunity is.” – David LeVine

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